Anytime I make a trifle people ooh and ahh and it all makes me feel very important. People coo upon even a glance of the English inspired dessert dish but what they don't know, and what I'll be real with you about right now, is that it's actually one of the easiest sweets you can make. 


  1. Pre-made angel food cake. Just about every grocery store, other than the speciality ones, sell these airy spongecakes in the bakery department, sometimes they even keep them by the berries in the produce section.
  2. Fruit. I find that you should use at least 3 different types for diversity. Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are a great go-to. Mix it up with a can of sliced peaches. 
  3. Whipped cream. Low-fat cool whip works. 


Dice the fruit. Dice the angel food cake. Layer in this order: cake, whipped cream, fruit. Repeat. 

Oh, and don't forget perhaps one of the most important things, the trifle dish! Head to Amazon for your choice of beautiful, glass pedestals. 

Check out Pinterest for design and ingredient inspiration. Enjoy!