1. Bryr Clogs: I've been a fan of Bryr for years and finally invested in a pair of these made-to-order shoes over the summer. The clogs come in different styles and a range of colors, plus they're super comfortable and durable. I own the Emma in Tan but am currently obsessed with just about every style as long as it's Tomato
  2. Elizabeth Suzann: Elizabeth Suzann is another example of slow fashion that's worth the wait. This brand offers all types of clothing in high quality materials including knits and silk but I'm loving their simple linen tops. After all, fall in California doesn't get too cold. 
  3. Grana: Grana believes in making the best quality clothing at the best possible price. Unlike other clothing companies, their team cuts out the middleman by working directly with fabric mills and designing their collections in-house. I'm currently *this close* to purchasing the Silk Pyjama Nightdress
  4. Sleeper Robe: Sleeper's walking sleepwear is totally bespoke and made from natural fabrics. I love a good robe and I'm especially enamored with one that I can wear outside of the house without feeling like Jeff Lebowski. This modern take on a classic robe couldn't be more perfect. 
  5. Mercedes Salazar Earrings: Mercedes Salazar is a Colombian jewelry designer who uses artisanal techniques to create unique pieces that embody a sense of magical realism. I can only imagine wearing a pair of the handmade Borealis earrings to every holiday gathering.