I recently received a sample of RYOR's Chameleon, a lip balm that adapts to your lips based on the pH of your skin. 

Chameleon actually enhances the natural color of your lips while nourishing them with high quality ingredients such as macadamia nut oil. I'm happy to report that my lips stayed soft and hydrated all day long.

Chameleon has a touch of color in it and is quite glossy, making it a great lip balm for the daytime. It's chameleon-like color change (depending on the pH of your skin) was interesting, as I've never used a product with that unique capability. Chameleon turned my lips a mostly natural pink.

The way that Chameleon's pH technology works is that it relies on an intuitive analysis based on how acidic your skin is. Did you know that one cause of chapped lips (the bane of my existence) is a pH imbalance, which can be caused by toothpaste, mouthwash, and skin cleanser? Chameleon is a great reminder of how important oral hygiene really is. 

The consistency of the actual lip balm was more like a gloss, which I liked. Additionally, it wasn't sticky like other lip glosses sometimes are. Chameleon also had a decent amount of staying power; I probably reapplied 3 or 4 times in one day but that was mostly because I was going for a glossier look. 

RYOR offers a wide selection of beauty products with a touch of nature. In 2017, Chameleon was awarded the title of best new product by the World of Spa and Beauty.