"All my ancient twisted karma,
From beginningless greed, hate and delusion,
Borne through body, speech and mind,
I now fully avow."

Zen verse of repentance


Karma is an old rope
Infinitely long
Too thick to cut with a knife or
Gnaw on with your animal teeth
Karma is an old rope
Embedded with knots
Like land mines in the dirt
Like boulders in the park
Like waves in the ocean
Broken or separated but somehow more powerful with every instance
Karma is an old rope
We create each knot with every lifetime
We don't know that the rope is a circle
No end and no beginning
Karma is an old rope
Adorned with knots
That we must experience over and over
Maybe we can see the knot
Maybe we experience the knot
Maybe we can reflect on it
Maybe we can even untie the knot
Maybe we fight it
Oh twisted ancient karma
Like an old rope
Adorned with knots that we
get the chance to untie