This past weekend, I escaped Los Angeles' epic heatwave by venturing into the Sequoia National Park! The trip was rather spontaneous but my boyfriend and I are expert planners. We packed up the car, hit the road and just 4 hours later found ourselves in one of the most special places in the world!

Sequoia National Park is a beautiful area for camping, hiking and more located in California's southern Sierra Nevada mountains. Some of the park's most famous attractions include Crystal Cave, the General Sherman tree (the world's largest tree by volume, standing at 275 feet and over 36 feet in diameter), Moro Rock and Tunnel Tree (pictured above). 

The giant sequoias are thousands of years old, making them not only eye-catching but iconic. These trees are the world's largest trees and among the oldest living things on Earth. The park is made even more special with its lush meadows, flowing streams, wildflowers, beautiful lakes, peaceful golden hours and well-kempt campgrounds. 

We spent our days hiking and experienced a range of terrains. We swam in Lake Hume and dipped our toes in the serene water at Lake Weaver. It was amazing to see the snowy peaks that still cover the tops of the mountain and even more cool to drink ice cold water through a Purifier filtration system.

All in all, it was a great weekend and a trip I highly recommend for everyone to take! You can learn more about planning a visit to the Sequoia National Park here.