The Knick is one of television's most interesting shows; it's modern tragicomedy set in a bygone era led by a dynamic cast of complex characters. And it's directed by Steven Soderbergh. And its anachronistic score is composed by Cliff Martinez (of Springbreakers and Drive fame). And it possesses a desire for historical authenticity and hyperrealism unmatched by most television today. Basically, it's great TV that hardly anyone is watching's on Cinemax. 

Lucky for us, HBO has rented season 1 of the series and made it available for 10 weeks of pure viewer satisfaction. Season 2 is set to kick off Saturday, October 10th at 12 pm ET/PT. While the first season introduced modern audiences to innovative surgeon Dr. John Thackery and his so-called 'circus' of complicated and conflicted medical professionals working in one of New York's poorest (and busiest) hospitals, the Knickerbocker. The second season takes place one year later, in 1901, and will showcase a "world of corruption, invention and progress" as the Knickerbocker moves uptown. Oh, and one more thing about The Knick, it's ringmaster, Dr. Thackery- creative, eccentric, and renowned by all, is horribly addicted to liquid cocaine. The show is, as Vulture puts it, "the greatest sustained display of directorial virtuosity in the history of American TV."

Last week, the Film Independent at LACMA offered a free screening of The Knick's first 2 episodes of its second season. The Film Independent, which offers "unique cinematic experiences year-round" to any and all Angelenos, provides some of the best free cultural events the city has to offer. Film critic Elvis Mitchell even led a post-screening Q&A with the show's creator Michael Begler, executive producer Gregory Jacobs, costume designer Ellen Mirojnik and actors David Fierro and Michael Angarano. 

Calling all cinefile denizens of Los Angeles- the Film Independent is a treat for those in-the-know! Free screenings and access to actors and filmmakers alike is a refreshingly fun and simple thing to do in LA. Check out their website for more information about free film and television screenings throughout the rest of the year.