Chef, oyster director, and co-owner of the L&E Oyster Bar in Silver Lake, LA native Spencer Bezaire is responsible for bringing seafood back to the east side.

Bezaire grew up in Altadena, CA- only 20 minutes and a freeway or two from Silver Lake. Surrounded by Atwater Village, the Elysian Valley, Echo Park, Westlake, East Hollywood, and Los Feliz, Silver Lake is technically central L.A. although most consider it the heart and soul of the east side. With over 35,000 residents, Silver Lake is home to some of L.A.'s hippest hipsters, most of whom are on the lookout for the best bars and restaurants popping up in their ever-growing neighborhood.

Prior to its 2012 arrival, the east side was at a loss for elegant yet earthy, nominally priced but centrally located, seafood. If one wanted to partake in the ancient ritual of eating and appreciating oysters it would certainly involve a traffic jammed sojourn to Santa Monica or Malibu. It's often said that "when you eat oysters, you wake up" and that's exactly what L&E did for the east side- woke it up. Dozens of neighborhood restaurants have opened and closed in the blink of an eye over the past few years and when this particular one stuck around many began to take notice. 

L&E offers its east side patrons their choice of an array of seasonal, beautifully plated yet down to earth, seafood. Oysters can be enjoyed raw, steamed, smoked, grilled or fried. There are also soups, salads, sides, and larger plates of fish to satisfy an array of appetites. Be sure to make reservations a week or two in advance in order to get a table at this relatively tiny, beautiful neighborhood hideaway. However, if planning that far ahead isn't really your thing then try L&E's Upstairs.

If L&E is the light, dimensionally flavored oyster- then Upstairs is its luminescent pearl. It's Upstairs that glistens with candlelight and soft talk while it plays host to those sans reservations. Grab a seat wherever you can and explore an abbreviated menu of salty snacks including pimento cheese with twice baked saltines or a fish charcuterie plate featuring beet cured salmon and trout rillettes. Offering beer, wine, and aperitifs, there's a considerable lineup of wines to choose from by the glass. Then there's the happiest of hours; Monday-Friday from 5-7pm in which a few dollars are shaved off of a somewhat expensive menu. 

L&E Oyster Bar is co-owned by restaurateur Dustin Lancaster. Many east siders will be quick to realize that they've frequented at least one of Lancaster's bars and restaurants as he's considered quite an impresario co-owning: Covell, El Condor, Hermosillo, Sidebar, the Highland Park Brewery, and Hotel Covell.

L&E Oyster Bar is located at 1637 Silverlake Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026