L.A.'s original Flower Market is one of those special places in the city that one can only discover through word of mouth. You might hear about it in conversation at a dinner party and forget about it for a while, because unless one is planning an event you might think that you have no need to visit the flower district, but that's where you're wrong.

A diamond in the rough, the flower market is located in downtown LA and is a total feast for the eyes.  A series of huge warehouses have been transformed into an emporium that offers concrete jungle city-dwellers one of the utmost treats for the senses. Hundreds of people fill the market's lanes and the sights and sounds offer visitors an unforgettable experience for a $1 entry fee.

The flower market isn't just for large-scale event planning. Of course, you're guaranteed a bang for your buck when purchasing in bulk but that's not required. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the noticeable markdown on even the most elegant of flowers. Sellers aren't biased against those wanting to purchase one or two bouquets; everyone seems happy to offer their perennial blooms. Make sure to bring cash and  a folding cart to carry your bounty. 

From succulents to African roses, chartreuse pom poms to hot pink peonies, and black lilies to sky blue hydrangeas- the LA Flower Market is a metropolitan jewel you have to experience!

The LA Flower Market is located at 754 Wall Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014.

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