Korean American chef Roy Choi, the man credited as the creator of the Kogi BBQ truck, serves up yet another culinary delight with new restaurant Commissary. Located inside The Line Hotel in LA's own Koreatown, Commissary is a New American restaurant serving up small plates of mostly vegetarian dishes. 

In addition to an array of vegetable-centric appetizers, Commissary's menu is an A through X choose your own adventure lineup. Conceptually, diners are encouraged to mix and match small plates of grilled melon, shrimp gazpacho, green curry mussels, pork schnitzel and house made garlic focaccia. There's no shortage of things to order, desserts and cocktails are also available, with the chocolate Klondike bar being highly reviewed. 

The food is as beautiful as the restaurant itself, vintage inspired lace plates and modern wooden furniture commingle and create a peaceful, urban ambience. The rooftop location is actually a massive greenhouse, dozens of hanging plants and other greenery are juxtaposed with exposed industrial channels. Overall, Commissary offers patrons that same sense of contradiction in its food and drink- light yet abundant, clean but spiced, in the city but full of nature. 

Commissary is located on the top floor of The Line Hotel at 3515 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010.