Block Party is the latest and greatest addition to the Highland Park neighborhood of NorthEast Los Angeles. Its grand opening in August was a sight to be seen at. Tons of locals and visitors in the know packed their way into the modern yet down to earth open air location on York Boulevard. Sandwiched in between Vapegoat (an e-cigarette shop slash art gallery) and Bughouse (an eccentric furniture shop), Block Party will undoubtedly thrive on one of LA's most quickly (and controversially) gentrified streets. 

Block Party joins Highland Park's collection of bars catering to its new hipster clientele, but nobody's complaining, with it comes locally brewed craft beer and foodie delights. The Cave, Hermosillo, Sonny's Hideaway, the York and Johnnies should be happy to let Block Party into their cool kids club. Block Party offers patrons a varied and expertly curated selection of beer and wine as well as a huge outdoor patio in which one can play wee on a big screen or shuffleboard on a massive outdoor stage. 

As creative director and CEO of Block Party, Jason Eisner took his knowledge and love of craft beer and let it run wild at the new NELA hotspot. Eisner is known for his bartending prowess and creative leadership at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood and Cafe Gratitude in Newport Beach. The wraparound bar and coolers for keeping those crafty cans cold are both cool and unpretentious, perfect the vibe of the neighborhood. All in all, for its awesome selection and down to earth atmosphere, Block Party is a welcomed addition in NELA!

Block Party is located at 5052 York Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90042. 

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