Clothing designer and activist, Carla Fernandez, explores Mexico's traditional textile heritage and techniques" in The Future is Handmade, her latest collection on display at the Red Desert in Downtown LA. Fernandez showcases ancestral textile practices "and how they can be applied to modern clothing and accessories.

Textiles of Mexico have a long and wide-ranging history. During the pre-Hispanic period fibers such as yucca, palm, and cotton were used to make clothing and other home goods. Then, after the Spanish conquest of the aztec Empire, indigenous peoples were introduced to silk and wool. Nowadays, traditional Mexican clothing includes the use of a variety of materials in an array of styles: huipils, sarapes, rebozos, and more. Mexico State, Oaxaca, and Chiapas are some of the most influential areas as far as keeping the tradition of handmade Mexican textiles alive.

Fernandez is "inspired by the geometrics and textile richness of Mexico" and her couture and ready to wear equally reflect the amalgamation of modern style and historic heritage. In addition to clothing, the exhibition itself flaunts a tactilely pleasing collection of jewelry, hand-woven wool rugs, pillows, table runners, drawings, photographs, and video.

A collection of Mexican vintage inspired by the exhibit can be found at Decades located at 8214 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

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