A variety show seems a bit like an antiquated trend, especially compared to the nature of entertainment today. Our society instant streams and consumes media quicker than most. Pop culture is available at our fingertips yet original content still seems so hard to find. But that's what makes a production like Pop-Up Magazine so special. The variety show inspired tour isn't just at your fingertips- it's fully tangible; it's ideas aren't just original, they actually evolve in front of your eyes.

Pop-Up Magazine offers audiences a range of entertainment in different formats, styles, and tones- just as variety shows did throughout the mid-Twentieth century. While most variety shows of the past featured musical performances and sketch comedy skits, Pop-Up Magazine relies more heavily upon a Moth-esque storytelling hour. One might wonder what makes Pop-Up Magazine innovative and just plain different from those art of oral storytelling extravaganzas? Well, Pop-Up Magazine combines live music, photography, short film, animation, and art in order to create an audience experience that is simultaneously vintage and contemporary. 

Pop-Up Magazine hails itself as "a live magazine, created for a stage, a screen, and a live audience." The production is managed by California Sunday, a national magazine which publishes stories and photographs on everything from social issues to sports and food. It's one of those approachable yet elegant reads which you pick and wonder how you ever managed a sunday without it. The motley crew "unfolds like a magazine" and travels across the United States. Their Los Angeles date described itself as "a night filled with road trips, centenarians, magic, outer space, memory, breakups, parrots, and more."

The show is an inspiringly creative, content rich, old fashioned good time. It's intellectual but not pretentious. Fun but not shallow, significant in its ability to holds its own against flashy, celebrity drenched entertainment and ultimately, it's a charming cultural spectacle. 

Pop-Up Magazine will be in San Francisco on October 7, 2015 at the Nourse Theater. You can click here for more information on future dates and locations.