"Beware of those who have no weakness for women and perfume."


18th century Bengali traveler Mahoment is world-renowned for being one of the most notable non-European immigrants to explore the Western World. Though he was a surgeon and successful entrepreneur, he is perhaps most famous for bringing the art of shampooing to Europe. Sprung forth from Asia's cultural melting pot, Mahomet brought with him the art of Indian shampooing and massage. Later, he combined such practices with an appreciation for perfume and oils and in doing so added an essential chapter to the long history of grooming and cosmetics.   

Today, perfume exists on a wide spectrum of essential oils, Eau de Parfum, sprays, roll-ons, Parfum deToilette, and solids. Perfume can be divided into six general groups: Oriental, Citrus, Chypre, Green, and Frugere. Body chemistry, health, and environment will dictate how a perfume will smell on its wearer but all of that can change depending on the quality, quantity, and structure of the scent. So, if perfume is so complex then why do we often make the assumption that we can purchase it online or during a quick trip to the mall?

Once you reach a certain point in your life you may realize that style means more than an intently chosen outfit. Style means not only knowing what looks are in this season but also what colors, fabrics, and cuts are in your repertoire- do they represent a cohesive sense of who you are? Are they socially conscious clothes? Is the fabric going to last longer than a season? Perhaps in our youth we thought it was alright to wear throw away clothing (a la Fast Fashion by Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters) but now we know that it's more important to invest in clothing. So why not devote the same thoughtfulness to the perfume we wear?

Head to Los Angeles' very own Scent Bar to discover your own personalized, indulgent, conscientious, hallowed perfume. LuckyScent served its online clientel faithfully for years, hosting hundreds of the most popular perfume, bath and body products, skincare items, candles and more before the brand decided to venture into a street level retail space in West Hollywood in 2005. 

Whether driving or on foot, one might not even give a second glance to Scent Bar's unimposing storefront. Cloaked in stone and unassuming shrubbery, you'd never know that what rests inside is a bounty of sensual scents, whiffs, balms, and fragrances. Offering the intimacy and attention of a wine bar, patrons are sure to be overwhelmed in the best way possible. Visit Scent Bar with an open mind, perhaps a general idea of the scent or mood you're interested in. Then, allow the attendants to offer an array of perfumes to sample. Remember, there is an art to finding the right perfume for you. Ask for samples to bring home your favorite might-be options, wear them over the next week or so and only then, return at your leisure to purchase your fragrance. 

In a world of instant gratification where fast food, text messaging, Siri responses, and Google searches are available at every turn it's easy to want what you want when you want it now- but there's also an art to the long game. As Irving Penn said, "poetry, beauty, romance, love- these are the things we stay alive for" throw in perfume and we couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Scent bar is located at 7405 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036.

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